Q&A with Digital Project Manager Abhipsa Nakarja - women in tech

Adam Boulahlib
Published November 9, 2023 by Adam Boulahlib – Head of Delivery
Abhi presenting her talk, My journey as a woman in tech, on stage at Umbraco UK Festival

In November, our Digital Project Manager and Scrum Master Abhipsa Nakarja gave a presentation at Umbraco UK Festival on Women in Technology. 

Following on from the event, we caught up with Abhi to delve deeper into her presentation and find out why she's so passionate about attracting more women into tech. 

Q: What inspired you to choose the topic of women in tech for your presentation?

Women still make up around 26% of the UK tech workforce. Part of that is because many people think tech is just about computing and maths when it isn’t - many tech jobs are all about human interaction. If you’re a problem-solver, have empathy, or are logical and organised then there’s a role for you in tech.

After a short break in another industry, I came back to work in tech because what we do can make a big difference to people’s lives. Now I want to inspire more women to join me on this journey.

Q: How can gender diversity in teams benefit organisations and the industry?

Lots of studies have proved that gender diversity is good for innovation, creativity and problem solving. When there are different viewpoints, it's more likely that problems will be solved in new and creative ways.

In our agency, we put in place diverse teams at the start of a project because we know that it helps address the needs of a broader audience. That creates better products and services for our customers. 

I want to contribute to the growth and success of the industry, and I believe that a more inclusive work culture will help achieve that. 

Clockwise L-R: Abhi on a dotcentric quarterly social at a rooftop bar; Abhi at a darts night social; dotcentric diversity of teams

Q: What challenges do women typically face in the workplace?

Sometimes, when a woman acts confidently, people might see her as a little aggressive. But when a man does the same thing, he's often seen as strong and in charge. We should work to change this unfair view. It's a bias we might not even realise we have, and it can limit women's chances to succeed.

The gender pay gap and the fact that women are underrepresented in leadership positions are both huge challenges we can address, but there is progress being made and I want to be part of that change.

Abhi talking on stage about her Indian culture and background

Q: What advice do you have for women who aspire to join the tech industry?

Don't give up. Just keep trying to get where you want to be and have confidence in yourself. Don't be afraid to express your beliefs confidently and question things when you disagree.

The tech industry I began in is different from the one I'm in today. I'm now working with supportive men and women, and it keeps improving every day. So, just go for it!


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