Highlights from the Q2 Optimizely Global Partner Webinar

Jacob Pretorius
Published July 4, 2023 by Jacob Pretorius – Tech Lead & Optimizely Gold MVP

Optimizely has two exciting updates for clients and partners, announced at the Q2 Global Partner webinar on 20th June.

Content Graph is officially available and the Single Sign On (SSO) and product switcher Opti ID are coming very soon.

Content Graph officially launched

Optimizely Content Graph is out of beta and now officially available and fully supported. We’ve previously written a detailed article about Content Graph and the benefits it provides - Powering next-gen apps with GraphQL and headless CMS.

Content Graph is available to all CMS 12 customers on the DXP as a free addition until the end of the year with pageviews as the primary consumption metric. Optimizely will likely review the costs at the start of 2024 with a longer-term pricing model.

Content Graph is currently only available to CMS 12 customers on the DXP; however, it will also be coming to Customised Commerce 14 customers in the future.

Single Sign On with Opti ID

With the huge growth of the Optimizely platform over the past couple of years, Optimizely now has a lot of different products and solutions. This has led to a scattering of different logins and URLs for logging in and use of different products.

Opti ID solves this problem by bringing all the products available into one central overview: the product switcher. On top of that, they will only need to login to this product switcher with one account, called their Opti ID.

Opti ID has support for Single Sign On (SSO) using multi-factor authentication and Active Directory. Migration to sign on with Opti ID will be an automated process for CMS 12 and Commerce 14 users. Users can have different, custom roles and permissions to suit every business need.

While using Opti ID will not be mandatory, it will be highly encouraged, as the unified view of all available Optimizely products make life a lot simpler for marketers.

Opticon 2023

Tickets for Opticon, Optimizely’s flagship yearly conference, are now available with early-bird ticket pricing until the 31st of July.

Opticon will be in San Diego from October 10-12th, London on November 7th, and Stockholm on November 29th.

If you’re attending and spot one of our dotcentric representatives, feel free to come over and say ‘hi’.

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