Increasing ticket conversions with an improved customer journey


increase in event page views


increase in new traffic


increase in avg session times




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6 months

Services provided

Project management


Wireframing & prototyping

Front-end development

Optimizely integration

Business challenge

The LTA's major events are pivotal to the summer season of tennis and are warm-up tournaments to the biggest Grand Slam of the year, Wimbledon. During peak times when tickets are on sale the LTA’s event pages get a significant amount of traffic.

Based on customer feedback and analytic data it had become evident there were a number of issues with the current experience. The LTA wanted to address these issues to improve user journeys and increase conversions to their third party ticketing website providers.

The LTA approached us to re-design their Major Events websites with clear goals in mind:

  • Improve the customer journey to increase ticket conversions.
  • Reduce the number of queries to customer call centres.
  • Ensure tournament content is accessible across devices.
Wireframes of our design solution
Sketching and wireframing allowed us to explore and iterate ideas rapidly.


Reviewing internal customer feedback and results from usabilty testing gave us a wealth of insight to work with. We also completed an expert review of their current solution to flag and document issues that could be addressed as part of the re-design. We also reviewed competitor experiences to get a clear picture of how other tennis ticket providers were presenting tournament content.  

Once we had synthesized our research findings we were able to rapidly mock up and prototype key flows and user journey’s that we could test and iterate. Once we had a design that was meeting user needs we integrated the new front-end templates into the LTA’s existing Episerver solution to allow content editors to manage their tournament pages. To do this we worked closely with editors to understand their marketing needs and future plans for event related content.

Developing the solution

We developed a CMS solution for the LTA to easily publish tournament content and keep customers up-to-date with ticket availability. We also made use of Episerver personalisation to allow content editors to deliver personalised experiences.

We also extended the LTA’s existing pattern library with additional components which we created for maximum flexibility and re-use throughout the rest of the web estate.


An improved user experience, more intuitive navigation, stronger ticketing CTA's and a revised FAQ section has improved conversions while reducing the number of queries to the LTA's customer services team.

Our major events work has generated some great results with ticket sales outperforming all previous years. Engagement has also improved (2018 compared to 2019): Pageviews increased by 81%, new users increased by 60% and average session time increased by 32%.

We continue to support the LTA’s digital vision with new features and functionality across their digital estate.

  • dotcentric did a fantastic job of redesigning and redeveloping new page templates within Episerver. The team also offered innovative solutions as well as providing consistent support. We have had positive feedback both internally and externally, and are extremely happy with the outcome of this project.
    Aggie Hau - Digital Product Lead, LTA

 Services provided

  • Project management
  • Discovery 
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Front-end development
  • Episerver integration


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