Using insight & personalisation to improve customer engagement


increase in page views from the home page


increase in average visitor session time


decrease in landing page bounce rates




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Business challenge

We worked with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to re-design their flagship websites landing pages and navigation to improve engagement and conversions.

The LTA tasked us with helping them to make improvements to their website based on feedback from customers and analytic data collected over the past year. We were asked to review their existing insight and provide direction on how to enhance customer engagement.

Personas and user research planning
Personas helped us quickly and clearly clarify user needs

Understanding user needs

Before we could address any issues we needed to understand the websites key audiences and user journeys. We started by building up a set of personas that we could validate with LTA stakeholders. Based on both qualitative and quantitative data, these personas helped to clearly bring to life user needs and frustrations with the current website experience.

We also had access to previous user research including usability testing reports and card sorts that had been undertaken by the LTA. The qualitative insight from these research studies provided us with enough information to start proposing new ideas to increase website engagement.

Personalised experiences

It was clear from analytics data that the LTA received a huge spike in traffic in the run up to the UK’s summer tournaments and notably Wimbledon. We realised that during this time of the year the website should change shape to accommodate these visits and help meet user needs. Using Episerver’s personalisation features we were also able to propose tailoring content and events based on a user’s location and browsing history to provide a much more personalised experience. 

We also took the opportunity to give the website a fresh coat of paint to bring the digital experience in line with new LTA branding and restructure the navigation and landing pages to make them more task focused to help users locate the content they are looking for quickly and effectively.

Mobile screens from our solution
New content and features based on meeting user needs

Building features based on insight 

It became clear from both analytics and qualitative feedback that users wanted more information and data regarding British players and were not able to find this information on the LTA website.

We worked on a set of new player profile templates and functionality that would allow the LTA to showcase the UK’s top seeded male, female and doubles players and easily be able to manage from their existing CMS. We also helped the LTA map out an API approach to consume feeds from other leading tennis websites to populate player profile data.


The changes and updates that were made to the website have increased engagement which is corroborated by both analytic data and website feedback.

  • 83% increase in page views from home page
  • 32% increase in average visitor session time
  • 40% decrease in bounce rate from landing pages

Making use of Episerver’s personalisation features has allowed the LTA to present more personalised experiences and promote local and national tennis events in new ways. We continue to work with the LTA to support their websites and digital vision.

  • dotcentric did a fantastic job of redesigning and redeveloping new page templates within Episerver. The team also offered innovative solutions as well as providing consistent support. We have had positive feedback both internally and externally, and are extremely happy with the outcome of this project.
    Aggie Hau - Digital Product Lead, LTA

 Services provided


  • Discovery 
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Design direction
  • Front-end development
  • Episerver integration


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