The importance of user generated content on customer experience

Will Grounds
Published February 10, 2021 by Will Grounds – Creative & UX Director

A few years ago, some marketers thought that user-generated content (UGC) wouldn’t leave a significant mark, yet it’s fair to say today UGC has earned its status as a powerful approach to promote authenticity, create trust and drive purchasing decisions.

UGC is essentially any content — text, videos, images, reviews, that is created by people rather than brands. Its success is simple — people make decisions about products and services based on what other people are saying and doing. According to Medium, 92% of consumers turn to their social circles for purchase recommendations, with 84% of them stating that they trust customer reviews more than any other form of advertisement.

While for many brands, social media is the primary platform for UGC, websites are also a key customer touch point where UGC can significantly increase conversion rates.

Example UGC content
UGC is essentially any content — text, videos, images, and reviews that is created by people rather than brands

User-generated content and purchasing decisions

  • Web conversions increase by 29% when websites feature user-generated content.
  • 84% of millennial consumers claim user-generated content on websites influenced how they shop online.
  • 70% of consumers will consider UGC reviews or ratings before making a purchasing decision. 
  • On-site consumer reviews can increase conversions by 74%.  
  • A significant 64% of consumers will not only strongly consider online reviews, but they will also actively seek them out before making a final purchasing decision.
  • 71% of consumers state that online reviews are important when considering buying electronics, appliances, home décor, and others.
  • 93% of customers believe user-generated content is very helpful when making a purchasing decision.
  • User-generated content is 20% more influential than any other kind of media when it comes to millennial buyers.   
  • Brands saw over a 50% conversion rate for visitors to pages featuring UGC.

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