Optimizely secures Gartner Leader recognition while Umbraco scores highly in user ratings review

Adam Boulahlib
Published September 22, 2023 by Adam Boulahlib – Head of Delivery

We’re thrilled to share the exciting results that recognised our platform partners Optimizely and Umbraco for their industry-leading Content Management Systems.

Optimizely was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023, by Gartner, an independent and objective research provider, for its exceptional personalisation, A/B testing, and translation and localisations services.

And in the same month Umbraco’s straightforward setup, speedy ROI, and commitment to user satisfaction were recognised by users of the platform in G2’s user ratings review. G2 is a software marketplace where customers provide feedback on various areas of the user experience, such as ease of setup, likelihood to recommend and user community.

As a member of the Optimizely Partner Advisory Board and an Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner, we’re delighted to hear the great feedback.

In this article we find out why, despite being very different providers, Umbraco and Optimizely stand out from the crowd, and why they could be the perfect technology platforms to elevate your organisation’s digital experiences to new heights.

Optimizely: Key takeaways from The Forrester Wave™ report

The Forrester Wave™ report on Content Management Systems (CMS) delves into CMS market trends while assessing how chosen CMS providers measure up against Forrester's evaluation criteria.

Let’s find out why Optimizely has been ranked Leader in Content Management Systems.

“Performs very well at personalisation, A/B testing, translation and localisations”

Optimizely allows businesses to tailor content and experiences to individual user preferences, which can lead to higher user engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

Optimizely's platform makes it easy for organisations to conduct A/B tests, enabling them to experiment with different variations of content, designs, and features. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions to improve website performance and user satisfaction.

Optimizely offers features that facilitate the translation and localisation of content for international audiences. This is essential for businesses looking to expand their reach globally while maintaining a consistent and culturally relevant user experience.

“Excels at depth of content and audience analytics off the shelf”

Furthermore, the report highlights Optimizely's CMS for its impressive capabilities, including extensive content depth and audience analytics, available without the need for additional licensing. Additionally, Optimizely's CMS is praised for its ability to efficiently scale content delivery, thanks to its partnership with Microsoft Azure and its cloud-native architecture.

By incorporating Optimizely Graph, customers gain the ability to effortlessly reuse content, offer tailored search experiences, and craft engaging content sections, leading to the creation of more dynamic and interactive content journeys.


Umbraco: Key takeaways from the G2 user ratings review

G2 user ratings provide valuable insights from real users, offering a concise, peer-reviewed perspective on the software's strengths and weaknesses, helping prospective customers in making informed decisions about their software choices. Umbraco scored highly in several categories and was the leader overall.

Ease of setup / use

Umbraco scored highly in the ‘ease of use’ category due to its flexibility which allows users to create highly customised websites and web applications. It doesn't impose strict templates or design limitations, enabling developers to build websites tailored to their specific needs.

Users also voted favourably for Umbraco’s ease of setup. Umbraco isn't just easy to use; it's a breeze to set up. Regardless of your experience, Umbraco's user-friendly interface ensures your journey into content management is not only smooth but also incredibly empowering.

Fast ROI

Umbraco isn't just about managing content; it's about boosting your bottom line. With its open-source model, you save big on licensing fees, giving you a swift ticket to that coveted return on investment. In the report, Umbraco scored highest in the Content Performance category. 

Consistently meets expectations

Umbraco not only meets your expectations but also anticipates them. With its robust content creation tools and customisable features tailored to your business objectives, an impressive 89% of respondents expressed their willingness to recommend Umbraco to others.

Wrapping up

Recognition for Optimizely and Umbraco services signifies reliability and excellence. Organisations can trust in these platforms, benefiting from proven solutions that enhance their digital experiences, content management, and business outcomes.

Our partnerships with Optimizely and Umbraco allow us to consistently deliver innovative, high-quality digital solutions that drive business success.

If you would like to know if Optimizely and Umbraco would be a good fit for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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