Google Optimize to Optimizely: A seamless transition

Jacob Pretorius
Published August 23, 2023 by Jacob Pretorius – Tech Lead & Optimizely Gold MVP

Google Optimize has been a popular choice for organisations seeking to enhance user experiences. A/B testing, multivariate testing, and personalisation capabilities have enabled website owners to iterate and improve based on data-driven insights.  

However, Google has announced that it will be discontinuing Optimize and Optimize 360 on 30th September 2023. This news leaves many organisations in need of a reliable alternative to continue their web experimentation practice. 

Optimizely is a natural successor, and one of only three vendors with whom Google teams collaborated closely to provide direct API access and a mechanism for extracting historical analytic data out of Google Optimize.  

Seven reasons why Optimizely is the most logical alternative to Google Optimize 

A proven track record

As Optimizely created the first ever web experimentation platform, they have a long history of leading the way when it comes to performance and data-driven web experimentation. 

Advanced experimentation capabilities

Optimizely offers a wealth of experimentation options, from simple A/B testing to more advanced methods like multivariate testing and full-stack experimentation. This means you can explore a wide range of possibilities to find the optimal configuration for your website. 

Seamless user experience

Transitioning from Google Optimize to Optimizely is smooth and intuitive. Optimizely's user-friendly interface ensures that users at all levels can easily set up experiments, manage variations, and analyse results without a steep learning curve. 

Simple setup

All it takes is one line of Javascript to get experiments flowing with Optimizely Web Experimentation. Some customers progress from initiation to active experiments in as few as 30 minutes

Reliable support and resources

Optimizely offers robust customer support, documentation, and educational resources to help you maximise the platform's potential. Whether you're new to web experimentation or a seasoned pro, you'll find the assistance you need to succeed. 

Data-driven insights

Optimizely's comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provide actionable insights into the experiments' performance. Make informed decisions based on real-time data, which make it possible to optimise your website for better results continuously and effectively. 

A good deal

Optimizely is offering a discount on all customers coming from Google Optimize who need a new home for their web experimentation needs. 

Wrapping up

As we approach the sunset of Google Optimize, the transition to a new web experimentation platform becomes a priority for organisations seeking to maintain their experimentation and data driven based approach.  

Optimizely is a strong contender, offering quick setup, advanced experimentation capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and a wealth of resources to support your optimisation journey. Teams using it will be well-equipped to continue refining their touchpoints, enhancing user experiences, and achieving their online objectives with confidence. 

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