A new home for dotcentric in the heart of Shoreditch

Al Higgs
Published December 16, 2021 by Al Higgs – CEO & Founder
A photo of the dotcetric offices at Zetland House
Our new HQ at Zetland House in Shoreditch

Last week we said hello to our new HQ at Zetland House in Shoreditch, an area renowned for being home to many of the top creative and tech agencies that London has to offer.

The Covid pandemic during the last two years changed us forever, the biggest change being that our team are now scattered across the UK and Europe and like most other agencies we've been working remotely and learning how to do-so in an effective and supportive manner, however we still place huge importance on face to face collaboration with both colleagues and clients alike. We've been lucky enough to grow significantly in the last two years and as we looked towards 2022, based on the feedback from our team we knew that it was important to provide an environment for our team to continue to grow and flourish with better facilities and social areas.

Our move to Zetland House is the start of a new era, whilst our team will forever more be a mixture of individuals working in either a hybrid or fully-remote capacity, they will always have a great space to work alongside their colleagues in one of the most vibrant areas in London.

Interested in working together?

To learn more about working with us, talk directly with Alastair on 0203 8876616 or email al@dotcentric.co.uk.