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We're a full service web design agency

Yes – that means we do it all. We bring with us a whole host of skills and experience, giving us the ability to deliver powerful web design solutions to meet (all) of your online business needs and goals.

Image representing our full service approach

We are a small but passionate team working in Brentwood, Essex. We bring together a unique blend of creative talent, technical know-how, project management and an unrivalled attention to detail allowing us to create powerful web design solutions, from initial concept to final deployment. So what does all this mean?. In essence we build better websites - for you and your users.

We have big agency skills, however being small means we don't have those big agency costs. With our planning, transparency and communication you will find working with us refreshing.
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We work with a core set of values

  • Making better websites is what we strive for - It is our core offering.
  • We work hard to build powerful solutions that meet both 'business' & 'user needs'.
  • We keep up to date with industry standards.
  • We believe in making the web a better place.
  • We do not talk jargon and we don't take ourselves too seriously! You will find us refreshing!
  • Web design & development are given equal preference on all our projects.
  • We do not work in a vacuum. We keep you closely involved at all stages of your project.
  • We like to consult and can offer you a whole host advice on your web strategy.
  • And finally. We are a friendly down to earth bunch of designers and developers. You will enjoy working with us.

Over time we've developed a strong project process

Image representing the discovery process dotcentric undertake when working with a client

1. We discover

We engage the key stakeholders, ask lots of questions, learn about your business and industry, and figure out what you are looking for. The goal of this phase is to ensure we understand you, your competitors and the measurements of success.

Image representing the planning process dotcentric undertake when working on a client's website

2. We define and plan

This phase is all about transforming what we learnt in the discovery phase into an actionable plan. We create a set of detailed requirements and define deliverables, features, technology and timelines.

Image representing the design process we undertake when designing a client's website

3. We design

Now we have a plan we start to bring ideas and concepts to life. Sketching, mood boards and wireframes, along with detailed photoshop mock ups, help us articulate your site goals and brand values into an engaging online experience.

Image representing the development process of a client's website

4. We build

Once the design is signed off, it is time for build. Whilst in development we constantly demonstrate our progress to you to ensure we are always meeting expectations and deadlines.

Image representing the thorough testing processes we undertake on every website we design and build

5. We test

Testing involves making sure everything works as it should and the site displays correctly in the browsers your site will support. Once both you and we are happy we are ready for your site to launch!

Image representing the process of deploying a client's website

6. We deploy

We demonstrate the final product to you and only once both parties are satisfied do we deploy the website. We ensure it is indexed by the major search engines, and that any existing traffic is re-directed to your new website.

Image representing the review and management of a client's website

7. We support your sites future

Finally once the project is launched, we establish a roadmap for constant improvement and future enhancements. We discover the true results of our work as we monitor the project's growth over a period of time.

Proud to use Microsoft.NET, Umbraco, EpiServer, Sitefinity and SharePoint